Value Of Waste | KA2 ERASMUS
18 januarja, 2024

The Value Of Waste is a partnership project between three organizations that aims to spark curiosity and offer simple solutions on the global issue that is waste management.

We, in the Value of Waste team believe that nothing is waste until it ends up in the trash bin and it is a mindset that we would like to transmit through this project.
During the next year and a half we will explore the topics of organic, textile and plastic waste together, through various activities,
whether it is online content, in person workshops or visits of each other’s organizations. In addition to this we will also share all the results with you, through both digital and in person educational content!
What does this project offer?
The project includes various activities:
  • partner visits, that are open to youth workers from the 3 partner countries, focused on educational activities that aim to reduce food, textile and plastic waste
  • local workshops open to all
  • the creation of a board game on the topic of food waste
  • digital content in the form of an online journey
  • a “Value of Waste” fair in which all the content created during the project will be shared with the public.
What is our goal?
With this project we aim to react to environmental issues by educating and supporting people in a shift towards more sustainable habits.
We want to contribute to the preservation of our environment and to the fight against climate change but also to help counter the feeling of hopelessness that is shared by many when faced with prognostics for the future of our planet.
Our goals are:
  • for the participants to improve their competences and develop skills and attitudes leading them to adopting more responsible behaviors when it comes to waste and natural resources, by bringing sustainable alternatives to the forefront.
  • to equip youth workers with tools and methods that will enable them to facilitate group activities with young people on sustainability related topics but also to facilitate a change of habits towards sustainability among the young people they work with.
  • to encourage people to reduce the disposal of waste in the land fields and therefore green gas emissions by introducing some of the ideas of the degrowth movement as an inspiration, mainly the idea that more doesn’t always equal better and to shift peoples’ perspective from quantitative to qualitative, encouraging them to value and reuse the resources that most people see as waste.
  • to connect youth workers, from different countries in the same region of Europe, including youth workers that have not necessarily worked trans-nationally yet, in order to share the ways they address the environmental challenges faced in their local context and to support each other in the development of tools that will contribute to facing these challenges.
  • to build local and regional networks for further cooperation, such as project generation, informal initiatives and inspiration from local actions.
This project aims to spark curiosity on the global issue that is waste management, one of the causes of Climate Change, and an important social and cultural topic which approaches the problematic of ensuring a sustainable future.
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