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23th and 24th of January 2023 | MAO, Fužine castle, Ljubljana, Slovenia

We look forward to welcoming you to our international networking event Beyond Green, where you’ll have the opportunity to connect with experts and industry leaders from Slovenia and abroad.

Through the main entrance (reception) to the Veliki stolp (big tower)

Registration opens at 8:30 AM and closes at 9:00 AM.

The conference follows the principles of organizing sustainable events. Thus we encourage the use of public transport:

  • train to Ljubljana Railway station: timetable
  • city bus: the closest station is Rusjanov trg, bus 25 from Ljubljana Railway station (timetable)
  • electrical car rent: link
  • car sharing app Group Carpool or to connect with other participants of the event and start networking already in the car

Address: Rusjanov trg 7, Ljubljana

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With our effort, we were able to organize the event, so it is free of charge for the participants. We hope you will take the opportunity of the limited spot you reserved with the registration. We prepared a seat and refreshments (coffee, brunch, snacks) for you.

As the event advocates for sustainable practices and zero-waste principles, a 50€ fee will be applied to those who failed to provide timely notice – 3 working days before the event as declared in the registration form (covering organizational and catering expenses).


B2B Matchmaking
Are you searching for collaborators?
On the B2B matchmaking, taking place at the second part of the event (from 12.30 to 15.00), you will have the opportunity to have 1 on 1 prescheduled meetings with designers, research institutes and companies where you will be able to pitch your solution or search for a partner to help you with your sustainability challanges!
>>> The application to the B2B connector is closed due to the occupancy of places.
Exhibition of sustainable solutions
23.1.2024 and 24.1.2024 | same venue - MAO - Castle Fužine
Selected designers, research institutes and companies will be able to showcase their developed solutions with the focus on material development from secondary materials.


>>> Registration for exhibitors is closed.
Ecodesign workshops
24.1.2024 | same venue - MAO - Castle Fužine
As part of the Beyond Green activities, we will organise workshops on environmental design, starting with a workshop in Ljubljana , 24.1.2024 | MAO - Grad Fužine | Ljubljana
>>> Do you want to attend the workshop?
Check the "Workshops" box in application form.
Ecodesign catalog
24.1.2024 | same venue - MAO - Castle Fužine
We will prepare a catalog with portfolios of designers and research institutes with their partnership offer.

>>> Do you want to be in the catalog that will be distributed through our our partners network?
Check the "catalog" box in application form.