without a guilty conscience

Reuse Boutique

Our goal is to open 10 new boutiques of Stara šola brand till 2025 together with sustainable municipalities and utility companies. These are exclusive reusable boutiques where at affordable prices visitors buy mainly quality "saved" clothes, useful items for home and family that come from local environment.

Slovenians annually discard 40.000 tonnes

of useful things that end up in incinerators and landfills.


That is the reason why KNOF opened its first reuse boutique called »Stara Šola« ten years ago. Until now, we've opened 4 boutiques that accept donated clothes and smaller objects, that are sold in three different prize classes. The franchise operates according to the market model, having a positive impact on the environment, the local economy, and the community. With modern sales approaches, we follow the trend of younger and older generations, and we also look forward to the future.


Franchise Stara šola covers:

  • samovzdržen poslovni model
  • Financial model for the establishment of the Stara šola in a new town
  • The quality standard of admission and processing of received article
  • Pricing policy, that works
  • Locally specific store equipment
  • Brand indentity and online presence
  • Brand direction on social media
  • Company guidance for PR and marketing
  • Logistics and sales system
  • Innovative partnership
  • Professional suport (KOC, SRIP, circular economy)
  • Applying for public funds, subsidies


For more information about establishing franchise »Stara šola« in your county, contact us at polona@knof.si

Circular Lab

We help companies to develop, test, and promote sustainable projects.

Circular LAB je prvi krožni laboratorij in poligon v katerem razvijamo krožne poslovne modele, iščemo rešitve za ponovno uporabo industrijskih odpadkov, dizajniramo produkte za zmanjševanje nastanka odpadkov.


  • Creative department
  • Research and development department
  • Technical workrooms
  • The infrastructure of 4 shops all over Slovenia
  • 3000 m2 in the shopping mall Mercator Krško for development and testing of new business models and products.


Do you need help with developing your sustainable projects?


Give us a challenge.

»Using less of the Earth's resources more efficiently and productively in a circular economy and making the transition from carbon-based fuels to renewable energies are defining features of the emerging economic paradigm.

Jeremy Rifkin,

an American economic and social theorist, writer, public speaker, political advisor, and activist.



The first sustainable discount card

With a card #shopping without a guilty conscience you get discounts on all sustainable product KNOF, Stara šola, Salon of furniture, Zero waste program. You also get discounts on KNOF services (coworking, mentoring, lokalna.bolha.com). The card is made from waste CD covers in our FabLab.

Our projects


Station with products without plastic packaging

  • personal care products, home products, refill cleaners
  • products of predominantly local producers
  • station, that can be placed anywhere
  • spreading and changing shopping habits


First sustainable collection spring/summer 2021

  • Opposing the trendy instat consumer profile
  • Carefully selected #preloved products
  • exclusive experience
  • Three styles: classic, pastel and eclectic
  • 100 unique products


Streamlined process of selling used products

  • Concept idea
  • Pilot project
  • concept and execution of the project
  • takeover, logistics, sales procedures
  • employee training in stores


Furniture with character

  • system for selecting still usable furniture from bulky waste
  • renovation, creative upgrade and restoration
  • furniture retail space at 500m2
  • partnership with a utility company

Signs from waste materials

Waste promotion materials become new promotion materials

  • research of material and their characteristics
  • product development
  • drawing planes
  • prototyping sustainable materials
  • processing of materials with a laser cutter

responsible grave candle

Minimizing plastic waste

  • sustainable candle design
  • izris načrta, prototipiranje
  • proizvodnja v FabLabu
  • design and manufacture of packaging

Prekrivna barva

Extends the life cycle of products

  • product life cycle research
  • Concept idea
  • partnership
  • responsible PR campaigns
  • recommendations for responsible use

diapers and pads Kiss

Save the environment 3 tones of waste

  • prototyping
  • photo
  • produkcija promo videa
  • production
  • promotional campaigns

in development


Design and distribution of zerowaste packaging


Turnkey office to work from home


Experimental technology for plastic recycling and new recycled products


KNOF services for startups and individuals

Business incubator gives you a supportive environment for testing and market business before official opening of the company. You can use our Coworking place and machines from FabLab. As an additional service we are offering you mentoring for start-up and development of sustainable business ideas. Service includes our mentoring twice a month with two mentors. They are working in the field of fundraising, marketing and efficient web appearance.

Plastika – 3R recycle-reduse-reuse

Plastika – 3R recycle-reduse-reuse

Plastika je skupno ime za vrsto sintetičnih in polisintetičnih materialov, ki jih pridobivamo s polimerizacijo organskih ogljikovih spojin. Za...