guilt free

Slovenians annually discard 40.000 tonnes

of useful things that end up in incinerators and landfills.


Prav zato je pred desetimi leti Knof odprl prvi butik ponovne uporabe Stara šola. Do danes smo odprli 5 butikov, ki sprejemajo donirana oblačila in manjše predmete, ki jih prodajamo v treh cenovnih razredih. Franšiza deluje po tržnem modelu, ki ima pozitivne učinke na okolje, lokalno ekonomijo in skupnost. S sodobnimi pristopi prodaje sledimo trendom mlajše in starejše generacije ter gledamo tudi v prihodnost.


Franchise Stara šola covers:

  • samovzdržen poslovni model
  • Financial model for the establishment of the Stara šola in a new town
  • The quality standard of admission and processing of received article
  • Pricing policy, that works
  • Locally specific store equipment
  • Brand indentity and online presence
  • Brand direction on social media
  • Company guidance for PR and marketing
  • Logistics and sales system
  • Innovative partnership
  • Professional suport (KOC, SRIP, circular economy)
  • Applying for public funds, subsidies


For more information about establishing franchise »Stara šola« in your county, contact us at

Reuse boutiques

KNOF is the founder of 6 reuse boutiques.

Each boutique tells its own story, which is co-created by its visitors.

Four Boutiques "Stara šola" in Krško, Sevnica, Brežice and Litija offer a wide selection of second-hand clothing and items for affordable prices.

At KNOF collection boutiques in Ljubljana and Novo mesto, we offer a carefully curated selection of vintage pieces of clothing and fashion accessories, sustainable creations by Slovenian designers and recycled KNOF products for your home.



KNOF collection is a response to the trend of instant consumerism. It offers a selection of premium furniture, fashion, and decor: selected vintage clothing from Stara Šola boutique, iconic pieces of furniture with character and decor from SALON, and other recycled products in collaboration with young designers.

Circular Lab

Partner in implementing your company's sustainability strategies. We help companies develop, test, and promote sustainable projects and products.

Circular LAB je prvi krožni laboratorij in poligon v katerem razvijamo krožne poslovne modele, iščemo rešitve za ponovno uporabo industrijskih odpadkov, dizajniramo produkte za zmanjševanje nastanka odpadkov.

Podjetja se vse bolj zavedajo pomena strateškega načrtovanja trajnostnega razvoja. Opažamo pa, da podjetja še ne vedo, katere konkretne trajnostne rešitve so že na voljo in katere trajnostne usmeritve lahko pomenijo tudi priložnost za podjetja. Knof lahko podjetjem v krožnem laboratoriju z individualnim in kreativnim pristopom pomaga pri iskanju in predvsem implementaciji konkretnih trajnostnih rešitev, predvsem na področju tehnoloških ostankov oz. odpadkov.

KNOF circular laboratory consists of:

  • Creative department
  • Research and development department
  • Technical workrooms
  • The infrastructure of 4 shops all over Slovenia
  • 3000 m2 in the shopping mall Mercator Krško for development and testing of new business models and products.


Do you need help with developing your sustainable projects?


Give us a challenge.

»Using less of the Earth's resources more efficiently and productively in a circular economy and making the transition from carbon-based fuels to renewable energies are defining features of the emerging economic paradigm.

Jeremy Rifkin,

an American economic and social theorist, writer, public speaker, political advisor, and activist.



Our projects


A smart clothing collection system designed to provide a convenient and joyous service for conscious individuals looking for a responsible way to dispose of their quality clothes that they no longer need.

  • responsible way to dispose your unnecessary clothes
  • in the comfort of your home
  • at no cost to the donor, and you can even earn a little money
  • local reuse and recycling


Modular wall made out of discarded chipboard

  • easy and quick to assemble and disassemble
  • ideal for separating offices, shops, fairs
  • 98% reusable, 80 kg CO2 savings per m2
  • upgradeable for different purposes


Reducing bulky waste in partnership with utility companies

  • the largest second-hand furniture showroom in Slovenia
  • affordable used furniture and collector's items
  • collecting system for unwanted furniture
  • furniture repair, refurbishment and upholstery services


  • tools for zero-waste events, conferences, trade fairs and pop-up events
  • equipment made of recycled materials of Slovenian origin (rubbish bins, partitions, counters, marker boards)
  • recycled promotional materials for events (key rings, gifts, etc.)
  • Recycled plastic awards and trophies


From yarn to socks, made in Slovenia

  • a sustainable corporate gift
  • more than 95% upcycled materials
  • buying 1 pair of socks saves 4 litres of water and 200 g of CO2 emissions
  • paper packaging made from invasive plant species
  • your purchase supports local partnerships


From theory to practice

  • conceptual design and custom-made implementation
  • production of decorative elements from used wood or locally sourced plastic waste
  • repairing of damages and recycling of materials at the end of their life
  • CO2 savings calculation


Converting plastic waste into brand new products

  • testing different types of plastics (PP, LDPE, HDPE) in FabLab
  • grinding machine for recyclable plastics
  • injection moulding machine for melted plastic
  • press machine for smaller products
  • design and production of prototypes
  • manufacture of products from recycled plastics

Paint For Refurbishing Furniture

Extends the life of your furniture

  • very easy to use, covers everything
  • 5 shades available
  • water-based
  • made in Slovenia


Postaja z izdelki brez plastične embalaže

  • personal care products, home products, refill cleaners
  • products of predominantly local producers
  • station, that can be placed anywhere
  • spreading and changing shopping habits


Knof in skupaj za še več kroženja stvari

  • vaše dragocene stvari, ki jih ne potrebujete več, lažje prodate preko nas
  • prihranite na prostoru in času
  • določite pravo ceno vašim stvarem
  • prevzem večjih kosov na vašem domu

responsible grave candle

Zmanjševanje količine odpadnih nagrobnih sveč

  • partnerstvo s komunalnimi podjetji
  • skupna zasnova svečke in distribucija
  • deljenje lesenih svečk v zameno za dobrodelni prispevek
  • podpora humanitarnih organizacij in varovanje okolja

Pralne plenice KiSS

Zmanjšujejo stroške staršev in komunalnih podjetij

  • en otrok pridela 3 tone odpadnih plastičnih plenic
  • subvencija nakupa pralnih plenic za starše s strani občine
  • enostavne za uporabo, zdrave za otroka in koristne za okolje
  • sistem pralnih plenic v vrtcih ustvarja znatne prihranke

in development


Together with many partners from Slovenia and abroad we are developing a system for closing the material loop of particle boards and furniture



We are establishing the first circular factory in Slovenia for the industrial production of recycled products from plastic waste, cardboard and wood



A range of upcycled office chairs and other kind of chairs rental or on sale for B2B


We are developing a separate collection system of certain types of clean plastic for further processing into products.


KNOF services for startups and creatives

Business incubator gives you a supportive environment for testing and market business before official opening of the company. You can use our Coworking place and machines from FabLab. As an additional service we are offering you mentoring for start-up and development of sustainable business ideas. Service includes our mentoring twice a month with two mentors. They are working in the field of fundraising, marketing and efficient web appearance.

The first sustainable discount card

With a card #shopping without a guilty conscience you get discounts on all sustainable product KNOF, Stara šola, Salon of furniture, Zero waste program. You also get discounts on KNOF services (coworking, mentoring, The card is made from waste CD covers in our FabLab.

Študijski obisk K2 YOU

Študijski obisk K2 YOU

Med 4. in 17. marcem je potekal prvi skupni študijski obisk, ki je del partnerskega projekta Erasmus+, financiranega s strani EU, na področju...



Spremenimo svet s stilom! V Knofu verjamemo, da lahko vsak z majhnimi spremembami v svoji garderobi veliko prispeva k čistejšemu planetu in bolj...