We celebrate Europe. We celebrate European Volunteers.
8 maja, 2020

We celebrate World Europe day in KNOF. And we have much to do with it. Because KNOF is a regular participant of the European Union’s European Solidarity Corps (ESC) program. Within this program KNOF invites volunteers from different countries.

For 8 years we have been hosting ESC-volunteers from all over Europe. And this is not all geography. We are open to all the countries-participants: last year we had a volunteer from Russia and this year we are waiting a volunteer from Ukraine.

All this time ESC-participants have played a big part in the development of our organization. Initiative, proactive, full of ideas, they burst into our life, filling KNOF with new positive energy. As KNOF is located in small Slovenian cities, volunteers have always awakened Sevnica and Krsko with their new and useful activities in the field of sustainability and beyond.

We celebrate Europe Day because we bring young people from different parts of Europe together, help them develop, grow, learn, and they, in turn, always have something new and useful for KNOF.

8 years ago thanks to ESC-participants we opened our reusable store Stara Sola boutique, which is still operating and flourishing. Volunteers are always full of ideas: they arranged movie nights, sofa parties, debate clubs, women clubs, different creative workshops for our youth. Together with volunteers, we were raising awareness by organizing presentations at local fairs and engaging in eco-education. ESC-participants worked with vulnerable groups of people and taught them foreign languages. They were always ready to make our life in KNOF better, livelier, more interesting. Without them, we would not be what we are now.

Therefore, Europe Day is a significant day for us, because the youth exchange program of the European Solidarity Corps gives us a wonderful opportunity for cultural and professional exchange of experience.

Nina Goryaeva

Odgovorna lesena svečka

Odgovorna lesena svečka

"Tebi v spomin poklanjam svečko, hkrati pa mi plamen gori tudi v srcu, ker naredim dobro delo."...