Is brushing teeth environmentally friendly?
23 aprila, 2020

This title sounds very serious, doesn’t it? Yes, but healty teeth and a healty oral cavity are one of the prerequises for whole body health. According to dr. Simon Bele: »There is a direct link between how we clean our teeth and how healty we are.« and more »The oral cavity is the entrance to our body, and the condition of the oral cavity is connected to the whole organism.« We are learning all this in the kindergarten where there are very important part of activities meetings with a nurse and learning how to properly brush your teeth. Unfortunately, too many times we forget about it.

The basic rule for oral hygene is: there are no shortcuts. You should just take the toothbrush and toothpaste in your hands and simply start brushing.


Here we come to various questions:

1. Which toothpaste is really suitable?

In the modern world we are surrouded by a multitude of advertising activities from different manufacturers who all try to show that their toothpaste is the best. One contains teeth whitening agents, the other prevents caries and the third provides fresh breath. Of course, no one says that brushing, not toothpaste per se is paramount to maintaining healty teeth and gums. In addition, the »best« toothpastes from world-renowned manufacturers contain a host of harmful ingredients among which are the most aggressive bleaching agents and other abrasives. These cause tiny scratches on the enamel and damage it over time. Abrassivesness is indicated on the most toothpastes but it is written between the ingredients in such a small format that it is very difficult to read it with naked eye.

2. Do you know how much toothpaste do we use in our lives?

The World Healh Organisation (WHO) recomments that each person uses 6 toothpastes a year, but unfortunately their data show that people use much less toothpaste. ( However, let’s pass this on the amount that humanity produces … billions of waste toothpastes end up in the trash. We probably all know that all this belongs to mixed waste that lands in landfills or in various incinerators. Photoes that are easy to find on the internet are just awful – our garbagr dumped somewhere on the other side of the world. But why did we write earlier that unfortunately people use too little toothpaste if this is so enviromentaly controversial? The answer is simple: brushing you teeth is a must but with no use of enviromentaly controversial toothpaste!

3. This time we will not continue with unpleasant information as we hope that each reader will have a little tought about this information.

But we also have good news: luckily in today’s world there are alternatives – we have toothpastes made from natural ingredients packed in nature-friendly packaging. There are also toothpastes in the form of tablets, toothpastes that we make at home and even dental care powder. You can find some of these products in Stara šola Krško or our online store. More informations about these products will be mentioned in our next article. Welcome to read!


Mojca Šaver

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Odgovorna lesena svečka

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