Linda Ozga, EVS prostovoljka iz Madžarske
3 februarja, 2018

My EVS project

Thinking of changing something in your well-known, comfortable life always can feel frightening. At least that’s how I felt when I chose to quit my job, grab my suitcase and jump up on the bus to Ljubljana in Budapest. When I was watching the Hungarian countryside passing by in the unexpected sunshine I felt insecure about leaving all the things that were important to me – to experience something new as an EVS volunteer.

My EVS project is about developing skills and also getting to be the person who I want to be. In the project I will be working at Závod Knof for 6,5 months in Sevnica and around. Working on developing local social businesses is quiet a new thing for me since I’ve never done anything similar before. I chose this project to participate in because I itend to build a social company at home and I think this is the best place to practice.


As long as I can remember, I was lead by the strong intension to learn. Learn things that can make me a better person. It was a coincidence that I got in to Andragogy faculty in Debrecen, my hometown’s university. I really, truly enjoyed my studies and always felt like that was really something for me. During my studies I was constantly gathering experiences from several fields from NGO sector, to multinational companies. All the experiences gave a lot to my personal growth and made me be more and more sure about what I would like to do – and what I wouldn’t. About 2 years ago I started to look for environmental-friendly approaches in cleaning and also started to co-operate with my fiancé who is a professional photographer. I learned makeup arts in 2017 and since then we are setting up our common business of photography. With portrait photos we want to communicate that everybody has his/her own caracter which is beautiful. Getting more and more involved in makeup art, I decided to follow the most environmental friendly way possible in both personal and professional usage. It’s still a long way to find th ebest solutions but I’m ont he track I think. My aim is to talk about the real cost of beauty and make women be more conscious about their shopping decisions that actually matter a lot!

Since I have a lot of interests –all in connection with sustainable beauty and education, I’d like to work with all or most of them during my EVS project but for now I think my main project will be The Foxy Green Project, the campaign that I have already „founded” in Hungary with my personal and professional blog with the same name. In this project I will get out of my comfort zone because I will try a lot of new things such as producing my own beauty (even makeup!) products with a zero waste approach. I would like to create a strong community of women who can share their interests, their ideas and also their passion for sustainable beauty, fashion or makeup.

If you’re interested check Knof’s pages for further info about the upcoming events. Ajde ciao! 🙂


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