Catarina Sarabando Gomes, EVS prostovoljka iz Portugalske

Zdravo! My name is Catarina Gomes and I am a 22 years old Portuguese who is participating in the European Voluntary Service (EVS) project “Uncover Steps to Dreams” coordinated by Zavod KNOF.

As a recent graduate I decided to expand my view of the world and gather new experiences through volunteering. When I started looking for EVS projects I didn’t even had time to search - this project was tailored for me, as if life had it all planned. Being someone who has deep interest in sustainability and zero waste, but also social economy and community engagement, coming to Sevnica seemed like a natural step into my interests while at the same time a great adventure.

In here I expect to work towards identity, culture and personal development, always aligned with the values of sustainability and zero waste. If you want to share some ideas or simply get to know more about me you can contact me through the email Ta e-poštni naslov je zaščiten proti smetenju. Za ogled potrebujete Javascript, da si jo ogledate. or look for me in KNOF’s office hours (both in Sevnica and Krsko).

Kontakt: Ta e-poštni naslov je zaščiten proti smetenju. Za ogled potrebujete Javascript, da si jo ogledate.

Linda Ozga, EVS prostovoljka iz Madžarske

My EVS project

Thinking of changing something in your well-known, comfortable life always can feel frightening. At least that’s how I felt when I chose to quit my job, grab my suitcase and jump up on the bus to Ljubljana in Budapest. When I was watching the Hungarian countryside passing by in the unexpected sunshine I felt insecure about leaving all the things that were important to me – to experience something new as an EVS volunteer.

My EVS project is about developing skills and also getting to be the person who I want to be. In the project I will be working at Závod Knof for 6,5 months in Sevnica and around. Working on developing local social businesses is quiet a new thing for me since I’ve never done anything similar before. I chose this project to participate in because I itend to build a social company at home and I think this is the best place to practice.

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Evropska prostovoljna služba


1. Kaj je EVS?

Projekt Evropske prostovoljne službe (European Voluntary service - EVS) omogoča mlademu posamezniku, da postane prostovoljec/-ka v drugi državi za obdobje od 2 do 12 mesecev (ali manj za kratkoročne projekte).

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Where? Sevnica, Slovenia (EU)

When? START: 1.1.2018 | END: 15.7.2018

The duration of your EVS service is maximum 6,5 months.

Volunteers needed: 1 boy, aged: 18-30


Please send us your motivation letter and CV at Ta e-poštni naslov je zaščiten proti smetenju. Za ogled potrebujete Javascript, da si jo ogledate.

Looking for 1 motivated, independent, responsible, flexible, self-initiating and active volunteers with experience, knowledge in at least one of the following fields: sustainable development, social economy, promotion of conscious consuming and green living, arts and crafts, event management, project development, community engagement, entrepreneurship, web design, multimedia.

We are situated in a small town of Sevnica, surrounded by beautiful nature, so the project is more suitable for nature lovers who don't get easily bored and have a motivation to co-create the community of social economy of Posavje region and Slovenia. If you enjoy researching, writing articles, expresing your talents to help other people in the community, this is a +.

If  you are creative and crafty, know multimedia, this is another +.

If  you are opened and preapared to try different thing and work for greater good, this is a ++ :)

 >> More info about hosting organisation KNOF here and here :)


Mednarodne izmenjave

"Ne-študijske mladinske izmenjave so dober način za poceni potepanje po Evropi."

Mednarodne mladinske izmenjave so namenjene mladim med 15. In 28 letom, da bi se povečala njihova zavzetost in vključevanje v oblikovanje ter upravljanje družb. S tem se tudi spodbuja evropsko državljanstvo, pripadnost Evropi, mobilnost mladih, neformalno izobraževanje, ustvarjanje mednarodnih prijateljstev, poznanstev, vez...

Veliko večino stroškov financira Evropska komisija, v okviru programa Mladi v akciji. Dejansko na koncu plačaš le 30% potnih stroškov (max okoli 100 EUR, ponavadi manj kot 50 EUR).

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